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When a parent suffers from mental illness it is rare for anyone – parent, teacher, or even social worker – to know how to discuss the illness with the child. The children are often confused and frightened. They may be bullied at school if they reveal their ‘secret’, and commonly fear they will ‘catch’ their parent’s illness.

Research has shown that an estimated 2.9 million young people live with parents who have symptoms of anxiety and depression.

However, this figure doesn’t account for parents who have other mental illnesses – such as schizophrenia, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders – so we anticipate the number of young people affected to be much greater. At present most receive no attention or support.

Our Time is campaigning for and supporting these young people to ensure they get the right help early on and to prevent them from becoming patients themselves.

Who we are
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Our Time helps young people whose parents have a mental illness by increasing their resilience

What we do
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Find out how we support children and young people affected by parental mental illness

Our motivation
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Find out why parental mental illness is one of the biggest health issues the country is facing

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Over the last eight years, we’ve worked to support thousands of children, young people and families

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Meet our dedicated team who are working to support and champion young people affected by parental mental illness