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What we do

Our Time supports and champions young people affected by parental mental illness.

We’ve established monthly KidsTime Workshops throughout the UK, where young people at risk of isolation and exclusion are supported. These friendly sessions for children, young people and families, provide clear explanations of mental illness and treatments, peer support and creative activities. They’re safe spaces where young people are free to talk about their concerns, have fun and foster positive relationships with their families.

Our educational programme ‘Who Cares?’ for primary school, secondary schools and colleges, is designed to help teachers and staff identify young people affected by parental mental illness, and offer the support they need. We provide training and resources which enable staff to set up support systems and talk to young people about their individual situations, without requiring them to assume the role of counsellor or therapist.

We’re also campaigning to secure greater recognition, understanding and help for these children and young people by engaging, supporting and championing their needs at local and national level.

Parental mental illness does not exist in isolation, so we use a collaborative approach. We work with families, professionals, local authorities, the NHS, schools, colleges, research bodies and many other charities to tackle the issue. These partnerships are critical to how we support the growing number of children and young people affected by parental mental illness throughout the country.

Download the Our Time brochure which gives an overview of our work.

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Our Time brochure

Download our latest brochure for an overview of who we are and what we do, and find out why we’re so passionate about supporting young people affected by parental mental illness.

Download our brochure