Photo of discussion at House of Commons event


In October 2018, Our Time launched its year-long #BeingSeenAndHeard campaign to raise awareness of and gain recognition for children affected by parental mental illness. The campaign is being supported by various activities and events throughout the UK.


Why we’re campaigning

There are over 2.9 million young people in the UK live with or care for a parent with a mental illness¹. Despite being identified by the World Health Organization as one of the most significant challenges of our generation, this hidden group is not currently recognised in policy and funding frameworks. Many do not identify as young carers due to fear, stigma or a lack of understanding about mental illness, and say they do not feel listened to or are anxious about interventions that potentially make the situation worse.

How you can help

Please sign Our Time’s petition to help make a difference to the lives of children and young people affected by a parent’s mental illness.

How we’re campaigning

Here are just some of the way’s we’ve been campaigning since October 2018.

¹ Children’s Commissioner’s Vulnerability report 2019

Launching our petition
Sign our petition banner graphic

Our petition calls for government to recognise children and young people whose parents have mental illness in government policy by 2021

Hearing Young Voices event
Photo of three young people from the Mayor of London's Peer Outreach team

Held at City Hall and supported by the Mayor of London’s Community Engagement Team and Peer Outreach Team, the conference provided a great opportunity to hear from children and families

House of Commons event
Photo of Alan Cooklin and Alastair Campbell at the House of Commons campaign launch event in front of a banner

We launched our campaign at the House of Commons, which was Sponsored by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Luciana Berger MP and Norman Lamb MP