Our Time animation still of girl choosing cake

Help us make more animations for under-11s

Our new animation Making Sense of Mental Illness gives under-11s an explanation of what mental illness is, and what they can do if someone in their family is affected by it. The first animation is already generating much interest, and we are keen to make more.

Why we’re campaigning

Many young people start to learn about parental mental illness as a teenager, which often means they have already been supporting an unwell parent for several years, sometimes single-handedly. This places immense pressure on the child at an early age. We feel it’s important for children’s well-being and development that resources, such as these animations, are shared with primary schools to help children access the services and support they need. Research has shown that this kind of early intervention can prevent children experiencing ongoing isolation, increasing levels of stress or becoming mentally unwell themselves.

How you can help

Without funding, these animations may not be made, and we are looking for support to produce these as quickly as possible, to ensure they reach these children at a crucial point in their lives. Even if you can only donate a small amount, your contribution towards enabling the production of these films could change a child’s life.

How we’re campaigning

We’re campaigning through social media, at events and asking for support from funders and supporters, just like you!