KidsTime Camden and Islington

Where does the workshop take place?

Vadnie Bish House, 33-34 Caversham Rd, London NW5 2DR

We meet:

KidsTime Workshops take place once a month.

Quotes from participants

Quotes from our children:
“Home was sad, KidsTime was fun. That’s what I looked forward to. I looked forward to having fun, you know being a child. But at home you have to be an adult, look after yourself, look after mum, look after the house, give her medication; at KidsTime you’ve having fun. You’re being looked after and you’re not looking after others… there are people there who are paying attention to you and you can go and speak to because you probably can’t speak to your mum because you know she’s not well she probably won’t understand. But KidsTime was time for the kids; I think that’s why it’s called KidsTime.”

“When I started the KidsTime project, I felt like I couldn’t really express myself, because I know that people often thought that because my mum had mental illness I may have mental illness, so I didn’t want to say anything, because I didn’t want to seem odd or say anything inappropriate, so I kept to myself. So when I started coming to this project, you realise that other people have the same problem as you, and they look normal, they seem normal, that’s its okay to come out and just, you know, express yourself a bit more. After learning about the illness I felt like I wouldn’t necessarily become mentally ill, so it’s okay for me to express myself.”

“I’ve learned a few more names of illnesses and I’ve learned some side effects of illnesses and how to know if a parent is stroppy, whether it’s ill stroppy or normal stroppy.”

“What I liked about KidsTime Workshops? Everyone was listening to each other.”

“Fun positive atmosphere lots of families come together as one big one.”

“It changes my whole expression.”

“Talking about things and knowing my problems weren’t going to be forever. I enjoyed all of it.”

Quotes from our parents:
“The supported children who I’ve met through ‘Kidstime Workshop’ have not questioned their parents’ love and concern and have been fiercely protective of them…but being part of a project focusing on my children’s needs I know has actually made me feel better,” (mother who had suffered repeated bipolar episodes).

“This is probably the only outlet for them to be what the project is named after, kids.”

“That we all feel equal with them, we all feel, you know, you just all feel, well, not, obviously we’re coming from different places, but we all feel respected I think, and easy to talk to them.”

“They just behave like normal, they don’t seem to use many tactics because I used to go to therapy and I still go, there’s always some sort of tactic that they try to work around, these people are more like, I don’t know, have a very nice approach, very relaxed approach and I like to be relaxed because I’m not often relaxed.”

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