KidsTime Hackney

Where does the workshop take place?

The Linden Children’s Centre, 86-92 Rectory Road, Hackney, London N16 7SH

We meet:

Every last Thursday of the month (except August).

Who can come?

Parents and children aged between 5 and 18 known to Hackney Social Services, health services, educational, voluntary organisations or other helping agencies where one or both parents have suffered from mental health problems.

Quotes from participants

Quotes from our children:

“I like the drama and the pizza best.”
“KidsTime is fun.”

When talking about different types of illnesses, a 12 year old said: “We talked about illnesses that could be cured and illnesses that could not be cured, including mental illnesses. I said that mental illnesses were ‘stronger’ because they affected the whole body.”

Quotes from our parents:

“I wish I had come to KidsTime when I was a kid, and when my mother was unwell.”
“I wish the KidsTime workshop was every fortnight because this really helps me too.”
“It’s OK to talk about what happens when I am not well. I used to think it would harm the children if we spoke about it.”

A recent example of a group discussion with parents and children:

“I then asked them to represent how those relationships and feelings changed when a parent was mentally unwell. Suggestions were made that the relationship became more fraught, or that anxiety and worry prevented each member of the family from showing good feelings towards each other, or possibly created confrontation. We talked about how the feelings of love could be buried by these problems, even though the love still was there. We also talked about how it could be possible to rediscover these positive feelings when they get temporarily lost or obscured.”

Contact and application

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