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Setting up a KidsTime Workshop

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We wanted the opportunity to bring parents suffering from mental illness together in a group with their children to explore and share feelings. We have learnt so much from Our Time in planning the KidsTime Workshops and welcome their knowledge, flexibility and guidance.

– Jayne Vertkin, Regional Family Hubs Advisor, National Centre for Family Hubs & Former Head of Early Help, Westminster City Council,

Who can set up a KidsTime Workshop?

To set up a KidsTime Workshop, you’ll need to be an established organisation working with children and families, and preferably, but not exclusively, a local authority, NHS body or charity.

You will have:

  • Access to funding and resources to run your own KidsTime Workshops.
  • Already be set up to deliver interventions for children and families.
  • Be connected into your local network of support services for children and families.

How do I get started?

We’re always happy to discuss how a KidsTime Workshop can fit into your organisation or local authority. We’ve worked with a wide variety of partners over the last decade and have been able to adapt our model to meet a range of requirements. 

KidsTime licences

We use a licence model to run KidsTime Workshops across the UK, to make sure families and teams consistently receive the highest standard of support. We will provide you with everything you need to get started, including expert training and resources, as well as help setting up.

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You will  need to have funding in place to run the workshops. The main cost is staffing, which can be reduced or removed if KidsTime Workshop roles are integrated into existing functions. Our Time can provide you with a sample KidsTime Workshop budget for your funders, and support you with your funding applications.

What does the KidsTime licence include?

A licence gives you the full rights to use our KidsTime Workshop model, and includes:

  • Flexibility to set up as many KidsTime Workshop as you wish
  • Two days training in the intervention from Our Time 
  • Access to our KidsTime Workshop  manual, set-up guide, resources and templates
  • Five days of set-up consultancy in the first year, to get you ready for your first workshop
  • Membership of our community of practice


If you are interested in finding out more, contact us for a free consultation, so we can provide you with further information about what’s involved. We can also present the KidsTime Workshop model to your key stakeholders, to support your proposals.

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    What our partners say...

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    Paul Angeli, Former Assistant Director of Families and Communities, London Borough of Richmond & Wandsworth

    Wandsworth were attracted to the KidsTime Workshop model because we know many children who have parents with mental health difficulties can be confused and anxious about them. KidsTime Workshops are one of the very few group programmes that offer a whole family approach to helping children and parents together. Having received feedback about our Wandsworth programme, it is evident that this programme helps children with their worries, helps them to become more confident, supports parents who often feel very guilty about their condition. It is a great offer for the families of Wandsworth and we are very pleased that we have been able to set this up. 

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    Conny Kerman, Systemic Family Psychotherapist Lead, Barnet CAMHS

    “The partnership has been running for five years now and works very well. Our Time is very well organised and managed, and supports us a lot, bringing in-depth knowledge, resources, literature, and session plans. It has also helped us negotiate funding and write bids. For the families involved, the workshops are very important. One mum told me it was the only time she saw anyone outside her family.”

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    Madhu Chauhan, Head of Early Help, Westminster City Council

    “We feel poor mental ill health is on the rise among parents in Westminster. It’s often hidden, a problem that is not acknowledged, or families are reluctant to name it.  Programmes such as KidsTime are really important, as they allow children to talk about it without stigma, and parents to see that other families experience the same thing. Hosting groups such as these in our Family Hubs is really beneficial, we use our existing sites where people visit frequently so they will be aware of the support on offer, and  we can reach more people that way.  Locating it with our other services encourages people to engage.”

    – Madhu Chauhan, Head of Early Help, Westminster City Council

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