Facts and figures

  • An estimated 2.9 million young people in the UK[10] live with parents who have symptoms of anxiety and depression. This figure doesn’t account for parents who have other mental illnesses – such as schizophrenia, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders – so we anticipate the number of young people affected to be much greater.
  • In an average class — six children have a parent with mental health problems[9].
  • Without intervention, 70% of children affected by parental mental illness are predicted to suffer from mental illness themselves.
  • Adults who experienced a mentally ill parent in childhood report higher levels of abuse, neglect and isolation.
  • Some 68% of women and 57% of men with mental illness are parents. [1]
  • Up to 20% of women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth. [2]
  • Over one-third of first-time fathers are concerned about their mental health. [3]
  • One in four adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year. [4]
  • Perinatal mental health problems cost the UK £8.1 billion each year. Nearly three-quarters of this cost relates to the impact on the child rather than the mother. [5]
  • Parental mental illness is one of the 10 most powerful sources of toxic stress.
  • There is no statutory provision for children whose parents have ill mental health.
  • Some four in five young carers go unidentified. [6]
  • In the UK there is no recognised term for young people affected by parental mental illness and the government keeps no statistics about their numbers.
  • Early intervention can mitigate the negative impact of parental mental illness.
  • Between 2010-2017 there was a 40% real-term cut in early intervention spending. [7]
  • The total cost of late intervention is estimated at £17 billion per year. [8]


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