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Who cares? We do
Jess Streeting
People are not always aware of the distinct role of the school nurse. In essence, we take over where health visitors finish, promoting the health and well-being of the school aged population, aged from five to 19 years old.
‘Who Cares?’ awareness raising events in Barnet
Attendees at Barnet awareness raising event
This February we ran four events with 27 secondary schools in Barnet to raise awareness of children of parents with a mental illness and start to explore what they, as schools, can do to support them.
Carers Week 6th-12th June
Carers Week logo
This year for Carers Week we are asking how organisations can build carer friendly communities - with one in six pupils in a classroom affected by a parent with a mental illness, what are schools doing to support them?
The Mail on Sunday features KidsTime Workshops
Feature in the Mail on Sunday
The article highlights a number of the families Our Time are helping through the workshops and how the work of drama is helping to support them.
Project showcase event
Students at school
‘Who Cares?’ project: the unique in-school project to help children and young people of parents with mental illness will be presented on 26 October 2015.
Great Wall of China trek
Ambeya treks the Great Wall of China
Young carer Ambeya tells her story of walking the Great Wall of China to fundraise for Our Time.