Ambeya’s fundraising adventure

We are delighted to hear that one of our young ambassadors, Ambeya Begum, will do some more fundraising for Our Time this year. You can support Ambeya with a donation here.

Ambeya says:

“Every year, I aim to make an impact on children’s lives. Working with Our Time has enabled me to use my personal experiences to teach children how to cope as young carers to parents with severe mental illnesses. These children suffer as a result of their parents’ illness. They become excluded from a society, where mental illness is seen as taboo or their caring responsibilities do not fit the attributes of a ‘normal kid.’ As a result, society becomes oblivious to the issues which arise in families where mental illnesses exist. It isn’t fair for children to live their lives as victims of society’s inability to see mental illness as an illness like any other. It is not something you can hide and it is not fair to expect a child to parent their own parent.

Our Time provides a service which helps the family and the children from an early age learn how to cope with parental mental illness. They help build a bond and a close, loving relationship with a mentally ill family member. Being involved with Our Time for over five years and becoming a trustee, ambassador and an NHS young carer’s champion, has allowed me to make this cause part of my life, which I don’t think I will ever be able to give up. I hope that the work I do opens up doors for conversations and increases our capacity to hear from the voices of the unheard and unseen: young carers whose voices are silenced through the stigma and shame of parental mental illness.

I have taken a personal stand to speak up for those children and the message I want to share is that we all can prevent the cycle of mental illness.

Having already trekked the Great Wall of China, completed a 15,000ft skydive, and volunteered in a South African orphanage where children have lost their parents to mental illnesses, I have managed to raise money so that Our Time can carry on providing services which the public sector and health professionals are not. As crazy as it sounds, I have now taken the initiative to complete a sponsored trek across the Sahara Desert. For me to successfully complete this trek, I must raise a minimum of £2000 for Our Time.

I am delighted to be part of a movement that campaigns and helps the children of parents with a mental illness. It would be an achievement for me to complete this and I would love for you all to feel the passion and energy that I feel.

Your donations will give a voice to young carers and make a huge difference to their lives. Any amount will be appreciated, and your support will carry on driving my commitment. I would also appreciate you sharing this with anyone else who would be interested in the work I have been doing.”

If you would like to support Ambeya, you can do so here.