Article in the Western Morning News

The Western Morning News visited Our Time’s (at the time known as The KidsTime Foundation) filming of the ‘Who Cares?’ programme at Stoke Damerel Community College to see the impact on the pupils involved. More than 30 of the college’s Year 10 GCSE drama students took part in four days of filming at the college and on location.

Students also contributed to the final script through improvisation sessions with the director and writer. For one pupil the project changed his life. Joel Archibald’s story emerged during a workshop with the teenagers. He finally found the ability to break his self-imposed silence. He said he believed the film would help other young people.

Joel said: “It’s nice to see someone in your situation and watch what they do. When I saw the first ‘Who Cares?’ film I thought that was me. That’s what I am hoping [our] film will achieve.”

All the young people who took part in the project found the project very insightful to the world of those caring for parents with mental illness.

Drama teacher, Catrina Garratt, said: “I was very proud of these young people and the care they took for each other.” She said classmates often do not realise that a young carer needs their help and support.

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