Ask our government to protect children who care for a parent with mental illness

We’re relaunching our petition asking the government to protect the 2.9 million children in the UK who care for a parent with mental illness. These are the hidden carers of Britain. They often don’t talk about their home life, the pressure they’re under, or worries surrounding their parent’s welfare. It can be a difficult role for a child to take on, affecting their education, social life, mental health and confidence.

The pandemic has made this even tougher. Parents across the country are reporting a decline in their mental health and the support networks that children rely on are harder to reach. Now more than ever, they need a voice in the corridors of power.

We’ve been working hard to persuade MPs and policymakers to do more. In the last year, we’ve submitted evidence to numerous parliamentary committees, including the House of Lords Covid-19 inquiry, the Government Spending Review, and the Education Committee’s inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on education and children’s services. Our submission to the Education Committee was countersigned by other leading mental health and children’s charities, including the Centre for Mental Health, Mental Health Foundation and Coram.

During 2020, Our Time also became a member of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition and partnered with the Mental Health Foundation and Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

We’re determined to make change happen. An incredible 4,775 people have signed our petition already. We’re nearly halfway to the 10,000 signatures we need for the government to respond officially.

To add your voice and help get these children the support they urgently need, sign our petition and share with your friends, networks, family and colleagues using the links below and the hashtag #AllCarersCount

This petition is closed, but you can sign our new parliamentary petition on the UK Government and Parliament website.