Brent Carers Workshop

Facilitating the Carers Workshop at Brent Carers Centre was a delightful experience.

We realised that young carers aren’t going to stop caring, particularly as it gives them an honest sense of achievement. They are proud of the support that they are able to offer their loved ones and do not regard their caring role as an entirely negative experience.

The young carers present spoke honestly and movingly about their unique experiences. It was apparent that sometimes they struggle to gauge the right balance between caring for their loved ones, caring for themselves and seeing other aspects of their lives as equally important.

It is therefore imperative that services not only offer practical support but also emotional support to ensure that they are able to engage with other important aspects of their lives. It is clear that young carers may need to be educated on how to build resilience and regulate their emotions, particularly in times of crisis. They also need support to identify when their caring responsibility is affecting their wellbeing and relationship with their parent.