Carers Week 6th-12th June

This year for Carers Week, we are asking how can organisations build carer friendly communities? With one in four pupils in a classroom affected by a parent with a mental illness, what are schools doing to support them?

  • The number of five to seven year olds providing care increased by 83% between 2001 and 2011
  • 39% of young carers have said that nobody in their school was aware of their caring role
  • Only 36% of student carers felt able to balance commitments such as work, study, family and relationships, compared to 53% of students without caring responsibilities.

Our ‘Who Cares?’ programme can help to raise awareness of the needs of these children, tackle stigma and discrimination around mental illness and help these children come forward for support. This Carers Week we ask you to speak up for those that are caring for a parent with a mental illness. #carersweek

‘You can’t talk about it at school because you know it makes you different. But at Our Time children talk about mental health all the time so you can stop holding in your feelings. It’s comforting, and I felt more accepting of my dad.’

– Young carer