Children’s Mental Health Week toolkit for schools

With Children’s Mental Health Week just around the corner and much discussion of pupil well-being, Our Time has created a free toolkit for schools. 

Our new animation

Ice Cream Resource ThumbO
ur new animation, created with invaluable input from young people, explores family mental health difficulties in a sensitive, familiar way, helping young people to understand it’s not as uncommon as they may think. 

It can be watched by young people independently or within a group, used to spark conversations or as a quick activity – see our supporting schools activity pack. It’s all about encouraging tolerance and understanding, and recognising that not all families are the same. 

Activity pack coverLockdown activity pack

We’re also sharing some of our most popular lockdown resources as an easy to share pdf pack that can be completed by young people at home or in school – from creating superheroes based on someone they know, to story stones. And if you like this, you can find even more resources in our lockdown library.

Questions, feedback or more info?

If you have questions, feedback or need more information, email We’re keen to help schools explore the topic of mental health in families, in a way that’s mindful of staff time, resources and existing support systems.

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