Correspondence with the Prime Minister

In response to Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement around mental health support earlier this year, Our Time (The Kidstime Foundation at the time of publishing) wrote to her to draw attention to the vulnerability of children who have a parent with a mental illness. Our Time asked that the charity’s research and work be included in the review. As you can see below from the response and our further correspondence, Our Time has been invited to be part of the Green Paper and connected with an MP in the Department of Education. Though we welcome this move forward and the interest in this vulnerable section of society, it also underlines the neglect this group continues to suffer and indicates that the needs of this group must be headlined more effectively.

Our Time will, as ever, continue to push for these children to be identified and included in mental health policy as a separate group under young carers who suffer different adversities and require different support. We ask that policymakers and health, education and social care planners include this large group in their plans and budgets. Our Time has designed and delivered high quality and highly effective support services for these children and their families, which, if funded, would break the cycle and significantly save the public purse in the long-term. It is time to look more closely at preventative measures to help protect children’s mental health and wellbeing.

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