East London KidsTime Workshops go live!

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new KidsTime Workshops in East London (Newham and Tower Hamlets), despite the pandemic! The Newham KidsTime Workshop met face to face for the first time in Canning Town last week, and the Tower Hamlets KidsTime Workshop launched yesterday in Whitechapel.

This is a great achievement in the context of the lockdown, especially as these are brand new teams, and the families are not familiar with the KidsTime Workshops. The local teams have done a fantastic job engaging with parents and young people over the summer, encouraging them to participate in a contained face-to-face session.

We are having to start small, in order to keep within the social distancing guidelines, so both workshops are working with only three-to-four families per session. However, the Newham workshop has actually extended its offer to provide two workshops per month, so that more families can be supported within the current constraints, thanks to its dedicated staff and volunteers, supported by the Young Londoners’ Fund.

The teams told us that all of the families had been keen to meet to face-to-face, and that the first sessions were a success:

Really positive first workshop, all families attended, the engagement and interaction between the children was really lovely to see. Three children in particular formed a nice friendship. This was nice for the parents to see and I think supported them to feel more comfortable”

Feedback from families has been positive too – One parent told the coordinator that the workshop “far exceeded my (her) expectations”.  Another parent was able to access some peer support in trying to understand his partner’s mental illness and needs. Parents said they would be happy to come again with their children.

This has been great to hear, and we are really proud of our new teams who have been able to make such headway, against the odds, and inspire the other workshops. Keep up the good work!