Gathering data on our workshops

In January, Our Time carried out a ‘data snapshot’ of the operational KidsTime Workshops to start building up a picture of how many children, young people and families we are currently supporting in London and the UK. 

There are currently 7 Workshops operating in London boroughs, with 3-4 Workshops active in Bedfordshire, Plymouth and the Wirral.  An initial, high-level analysis indicates that we are currently working with over 200 children and young people across the UK, and the majority of these children are in the 11-15 age bracket, with an approximately equal split of boys and girls. 

It has also been interesting to understand the range of diagnoses among our parents, and the prevalence of depression and anxiety among these. These are approximate figures, and Our Time is continues to work on this analysis, in addition to developing a more robust approach to impact measurement as part of the charity’s growth and development.