Great Wall of China fundraising begins

Our young carer, Ambeya, began her fundraising at the start of April, selling doughnuts at a stall at an Odeon Cinema, to raise money to support her walk along the Great Wall of China. To find out more and support Ambeya, please go here.

Why are you raising money for Our Time?

“I have been a volunteer at Our Time for over a year now and recently they appointed me as a trustee. The charity helps children who have to look after parents with mental illness and find it difficult to come to terms with what they have to live with. This affects the relationships and bonds within the family. Our Time tries to explain to children what they are dealing with in order to make it easier for them. I have never managed to build a relationship with my mum and this therefore made it even more difficult for my brothers to build a relationship. If Our Time was available to me when I was younger, I believe things would have been different and I wished that  was the case…. I don’t want to see children suffer the same things in life that I have had to deal with.”