KidsTime has arrived in Wandsworth!

On Thursday 13th February, we launched a new KidsTime Workshop in Wandsworth!

Our Time was approached by Wandsworth Children and Family Services in the summer, who were interested in the KidsTime Workshop model as a way to work more compassionately and supportively with families where a parent has a mental illness.

Since then, Our Time has been working with Wandsworth colleagues to recruit and train the local delivery team, who are made of up children and adults workers from across social care, mental health and education. Our Time has also been supporting the team to promote the workshop among local teams and agencies.

KidsTime Wandsworth delivery team standing in a line facing the camera
The KidsTime Wandsworth delivery team

The local team has also done a fantastic job in engaging families since January this year, visiting each of the families at home to introduce the workshop.

The workshop launch was attended by six families and took the theme of Valentine’s Day to talk about love. Children and parents were asked to identify things that they love, and what love means to them, and how this can be complicated in some families where a parent has a mental illness.
It was an evening of getting to know each other, games and drama, and of course, pizza! Families and children said they enjoyed the session and will be welcomed back next month.

Table with food and activities on for the KidsTime Workshop
Activities for the Workshop

The Wandsworth KidsTime Workshop takes place on the second Thursday of each month at the Woking Close Family Centre in Roehampton. To find out more and how to make a referral click here.

Image of a KidsTime workshop before the families arrived with chairs in a horseshoe layout and some beanbags on the floor.
Before the families arrived