Article published for Guardian Christmas appeal

On 13th December, the Guardian journalist, Bim Adewunmi, wrote an article highlighting the work of Our Time featuring a number of young people who have attended, and still attend, KidsTime Workshops and have been part of the ‘Who Cares?’ programme.

Angel, 16, whose mum has schizophrenia, has been coming to workshops for two years. She doodles and shuffles a deck of cards while the others speak. “In primary school, I was alone. I didn’t want to talk to anyone,” she says. “My mum was the only thing.”

The KidsTime Workshop was a chance to meet other children who had similar – and not so similar – home situations. “I liked meeting people who had different experiences – some worse, some better – and learning how they deal with it.” For her, the casual ‘mentoring’ works in both directions. “If they’re younger, you can give them advice, and if they’re older you can get advice.”

Everyone nods. “It’s not therapy – we’re all normal here, we don’t think we’re weird ‘cos ‘our mums are crazy’ – it’s support.” That support is something everyone in the room feels passionately about.

You can read the article here.

At the end of the session, the young people talk excitedly and loudly. But the chatter is filled with ideas on how to make Our Time even bigger and far-reaching. There’s much to be done, and they’re eager to get started.