Animation still of two children playing in a park

Our Time launches animation to explain mental illness to under-11s

Recent research shows that 25% of the school population live with a parent who has mental illness. And unfortunately, without help, a staggering 70% of them will go on to develop mental health problems in their youth, and 40% will require treatment by the age of 20.

While teenagers and young people living with or caring for a parent with a mental illness need support, many of them have already experienced stigma, isolation or adverse effects before reaching secondary school. This is why animations, resources and support for children at primary school are essential.

Despite extensive work to destigmatise mental illness, students affected by parental mental illness are still difficult for schools to identify. Often children in this situation don’t identify as young carers themselves because the illness isn’t physical, or they feel confused or embarrassed about what’s going on.

Our new animation, Making Sense of Mental Illness, created by PICNIC Studio, gives under-11s an explanation of what mental illness is, and what they can do if someone in their family is affected by it.

You can watch the animation below and find out more about the project in our latest press release.

Our Time is currently fundraising to commission more animations to help children affected by parental mental illness. You can donate to the funds here.