Our Time supports findings in report from Professor Sir Michael Marmot

A report published in the Lancet by Professor Sir Michael Marmot shows the mental health impact of COVID-19 on the global population.

We know that adults with pre-existing mental health conditions are more affected than others. Mental illness also negatively impacts physical health, which in turn reduces life expectancy. It is also clear that mental illness is more prevalent in disadvantaged communities.

“In order to prevent the anticipated effects of COVID- 19 on population mental health, there is an urgent need for population-scale implementation of effective public mental health interventions, supported by public mental health practice and innovation. Implementing these interventions will mitigate the impact of the pandemic on mental health, improve population wellbeing, prevent mental disorders from arising, and reduce relapse of mental disorders, with associated economic returns, even in the short term. Public mental health practice should be an integral part of the response to COVID-19, and will have immediate positive effects and a legacy likely to long outlast the pandemic.”

Interventions to address social inequality are necessary to prevent poor outcomes. We strongly agree that the UK government should target, in particular, early intervention in schools and preschools to ensure future generations do not feel the impact of this pandemic. Our Time concurs with the findings of the report and supports their recommendations.