Our Time supports the Black Lives Matter campaign

Many young people will be aware of the Black Lives Matter campaign and the anti-racism marches that have taken place in the US and across the UK over the past few weeks and over the weekend. We know that these events are confusing and distressing for some.

Many of our young people will have taken part in these demonstrations and we want to raise our voice against racism and injustice and stand with all who are suffering from the effects of long-standing inequalities in our society.

We support those who are working to raise awareness of the issues and offer hope of a different, more equal society, where everyone has a chance to reach their potential, without fear of being blamed for the adversity they suffer or being targeted or overlooked.

Our Time works across all cultures and communities to create safer environments where children and young people can grow into self-confident members of society with equal aspirations and opportunities. We foster cultures where children and young people are treated with kindness and compassion, whatever their background or circumstances.

We will strive to acknowledge this in our conversations with families and leave room for discussion on this topic so that children and young people are able to express themselves and gain a greater understanding of what is going on and its importance for them and for society in general.

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