Supporting schools through PSHE and teacher training

Our work with schools continues to broaden and strengthen with the introduction of our new, free PSHE programmes and teacher training sessions this year for Primary and Secondary schools.

Woodlands Academy, Ealing


At Woodlands Academy in Ealing, we have had the pleasure of working with Lauren Moxom, PSHE & Mental Health Coordinator. After a training session delivered by the Our Time team, Lauren was able to then train the whole staff body, raising awareness of parental mental illness and how to support young carers through our PSHE programmes. Lauren’s pilot with her own Year 3 class was hugely successful with the children highly engaged in the programme and able to articulate how they would support a young carer in their own class. Lauren will now support other teachers in the school with their delivery of the programme. We can’t wait to see more of the students’ fantastic work!

HeadStart, Newham


We have also been delighted to collaborate with the HeadStart team in Newham where we delivered awareness-raising training with the team at the beginning of the year. Becky Dawson, Resilience Training Lead, was ready to take our ‘Who Cares?’ programme into schools across the borough at the beginning of this year but this was unfortunately stalled by the pandemic. However, this didn’t stop the team who used their ingenuity to take the programme online to 20 schools in the borough who completed the initial awareness training and now plan to start implementing the programme in their schools. We look forward to seeing the impact of our whole school approach and the difference it will make to the lives of young carers living with parental mental illness, across the borough.

We will continue our work with Woodlands Academy and the HeadStart team as well as working with many more schools and higher education institutes to support teachers and students; watch this space for some exciting upcoming projects in the pipeline!

COVID-19 recovery support


In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have produced Primary and Secondary PSHE programmes designed specifically to support students impacted by parental mental illness on their return back to school. We recognise the need for mental health support for all young people is more important now than it’s ever been, especially for young carers living with parental mental illness whose circumstances have undoubtedly become increasingly challenging. Our ‘COVID-19 recovery’ programmes are accompanied by a free online teacher training session to support teachers in their delivery of our programmes. Feedback so far has been hugely positive, with one teacher commenting that “The video of the young man who was caring for his Mum and sister was particularly useful. I found it all interesting.”