The Mail on Sunday features Our Time

On 14th December 2014, Sarah Stacey of the Mail on Sunday, wrote about Our Time (called The Kidstime Foundation at the time of publication). The article focuses on the plight of the young carers affected by parental mental illness and tells the story of Kirsty Tahta-Wraith and Ambeya Begum, two former attendees of KidsTime Workshops, who now work with Our Time on various projects and frequently attend KidsTime Workshops as young helpers.

The workshops allow Ambeya to drop her own defences: “I try to put on a front that I am always happy. Our Time gives me a way of releasing my stress. It allows my emotions to flow. I am not angry with my mother but there are times I think it is too late for me to build a relationship: the only thing that I can do is to give her medicine. That’s the most I can do. She has lost her qualities of being a mum.”

Ambeya is clear that Our Time should be available in every school. “It’s one of the only charities that teach children what mental illness is and how they can cope with it.”

“I always thought I was the only one but when I go to the workshop every month, I see so many children. I would like to see all the kids in this situation learn that you can look after your own emotions as well as coping with mental illness as a family.”

Ambeya is now a trustee of Our Time.

Kirsty and her sister were referred to Our Time 12 years ago.

“Going to the sessions helped me to understand what to expect and how to deal with my dad’s episodes. It made them much less scary and took away most of the worry and panic.”

One problem Kirsty found was that: “you can’t talk about it at school because you know it makes you different. But at the workshops, children talk about mental health all the time so you can stop holding in your feelings. It’s comforting, and I felt more accepting of my dad.”

You can read the article here.