Why Our Time?

We’re thrilled to reveal our new name and branding as well as this wonderful new website created by Chloe Roach and Wired Canvas. But why did we change?

Two reasons :

  1. We are more than KidsTime Workshops (which are still important)
  2. Young people don’t want to be addressed as ‘kids’

Previously named, Kidstime Foundation, the charity was set up by our founder, Dr Alan Cooklin in 1999, following a national conference on children and young people’s mental health, called Keeping the Family in Mind. There, a group of young people delivered an angry, passionate presentation about what it means to be a child or young person caring for a parent with a mental illness, without any kind of support. We became a registered charity in 2012.

During those six years we have developed significantly but our cause remains the same because children of parents with a mental illness are still not seen or heard by the government and policymakers. We are working towards that situation changing through our campaigns to raise awareness and our work with families and schools.

Through our new website people can access a wealth of free resources and advice readily and easily. We hope that the new visual identity and our new name will offer a clear message and a bigger umbrella under which we can develop new ways of reaching and helping the children and young people who live in families where there is a parent with a mental illness. Our most important aim is to share our work to ensure these children are seen, heard and able to thrive.