Gift policy 

As a small charity dedicated to supporting the children of parents with a mental illness we work with many different stakeholders and supporters. Acting within our charitable objects, our first responsibility is to the families, children and young people –  but we also have  responsibility to our partners in local authorities, health and social care and other institutions with whom we partner to design and deliver our interventions, as well as to our staff and volunteers. We are committed to being open and transparent in all our dealings with these stakeholders, the Charity Commission and the public. This statement is designed to provide assurance of probity in relation to giving gifts. 

We will only give gifts to our beneficiaries under the following conditions and in exceptional circumstances, and on the exclusive basis such gift will be in furtherance of our charitable objects. Typically, this will mean donating an item to a beneficiary to allow such beneficiary to access or participate in our normal services. For example, we may consider making a donation in kind of an electronic device where a family or young person cannot access our help because they cannot afford to buy the necessary data or device to enable them to access the help we provide virtually. This was the case during COVID-19 lockdown where we purchased devices and data for some of our client families, although in the case of devices, these were provided on loan rather than as donations. 

  1. Any donation on behalf of Our Time must be approved by the chief executive (subject to the criteria which follow) and reported to the board of trustees at their  next meeting (and recorded in the minutes of such meeting). 
  2. Our Time will not offer resources by way of donation which do not aid or facilitate the delivery of our interventions.
  3. Any donation must be used by the beneficiary to support the delivery or facilitation of Our Time’s normal services and/or interventions.  
  4. Our Time may make donations only on an exceptional basis and in furtherance of charitable objects. Any concerns regarding the making of any donation by Our Time must be raised as soon as possible with the chairperson of Our Time.