Social media policy

1. Policy statement

This policy outlines Our Time’s position on the use of, and engagement with, social media at an organisational and individual level. It is aimed at those that work for, use or have an interest in, Our Time.

We believe in the strengths, opportunities and connection of social media and how it can be used positively with great impact. To best achieve that, Our Time encourages everyone to consider whether what they are posting is respectful, inclusive and treats others with dignity. 

2. Staff and workers

We understand that Our Time staff, volunteers and workers are likely to have social media accounts. When personal accounts can be connected to staff at Our Time, we ask that the bio states that views are solely your own. If you are uncertain about whether something is suitable you can have a conversation with your line manager or the social media lead. 

If you are concerned about treatment you have experienced online, we strongly encourage you not to engage with any unpleasant comments and report it to the platform directly. You can also take a screenshot and have a conversation with your line manager or the social media lead at Our Time.

3. Our Time social media

Our Time has its own presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. We would love for you to connect with us on these networks. 

Our social media channels are a place to:

  • hear more about Our Time’s work
  • share information about campaigns and fundraising
  • engage with Our Time campaigns and work

Activity may be in real time or posts may be scheduled. We do not offer one-to-one support through any of our social media channels. As our staff are not trained to offer emotional support or expert advice, the best way to support you is through signposts to other organisations that can.

4. Organisational moderation

4.1 Our commitment

We want our social media channels to be a safe and helpful place. As a small charity we are unable to moderate our channels daily and may not be able to moderate all comments, messages, wall posts and tweets. When we are moderating, it will typically be within business hours.

We commit to:

  • Checking direct messages at least twice during the working week.
  • Attending any public posts or messages that are flagged to us through within two working days.
  • Reviewing and engaging with as much activity as we are able to weekly. This includes pre-moderated comments on YouTube.

To help maintain a safe space on social media, we would also ask you to:

  • Use the relevant reporting mechanisms on each platform if you have concerns
  • Follow our appropriate posting information in section 4.2.

4.2 Appropriate posts

To keep our social media channels a friendly and safe place Our Time may hide or delete content. If necessary, and depending on frequency, scale or content posted, we reserve the right to ban or block individuals who have their content removed.

We are committed to treating people with dignity and respect. The types of things we may remove or hide are outlined below. This is not an exhaustive list and is intended to build on the guidelines outlined for each platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn). It would include:

  • Comments about someone at risk of hurting themselves or someone else
  • Personal details about you, other people or Our Time staff and workers.
  • Abusive, aggressive, hurtful, hateful, libellous or defamatory comments, including threats towards other users or Our Time people and partners
  • Inappropriate language, which includes swearing.
  • Off-topic posts, advertisements or spam.
  • Impersonating someone else without their consent.
  • Complaints that would be reviewed in line with our complaints, compliments and comments policy and procedure.

5. Safeguarding concerns

We all have a responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that children and adults are kept safe. If you come across anything online on one of Our Time’s platforms, or in relation to Our Time’s work, that could mean a child or adult is at risk of harm, we encourage you to:

  • Immediately report it through the social media platform
  • Take a screenshot, make a note of the URL and send it to
  • Not share the content 
  • Look after yourself and take a break from social media if you need to

Our Time is also committed to reporting any public or private messages of concern through the relevant social media platform. In line with our Safeguarding Policy and procedures, if we are concerned for your safety, or that there is abuse or harm of a child or adult at risk, we will use personal or identifying information we have to contact the appropriate referral agency.

Policy lead: Lucy Sheppard
Late date reviewed: April 2022