Global’s Make Some Noise awards Our Time grant to support families affected by mental health problems

Global’s Make Some Noise has today announced that is has awarded Our Time, a charity which supports children and families affected by parental mental illness, over £28,000 to fund the delivery of family workshops across two London boroughs.

The funds will, in part, allow Our Time to launch a new KidsTime Workshop in Ealing in November 2020 and covers a year of support. The remaining funds will go towards a new KidsTime Workshop in Tower Hamlets which we are launching in partnership with the Council and NHS. This is due to launch in September 2020.

Thanks to the generosity of listeners across Global’s radio brands, Global’s Make Some Noise grants will be welcome news to many families in this time of uncertainty where many services have been stripped away or cancelled. The workshops will offer a lifeline to families in both Ealing and Tower Hamlets and a place to go to when the current situation changes.

Dympna Cunnane, CEO of Our Time said, “Our Time would like to express our gratitude to Global’s Make Some Noise for their generous grant which will fund two new family workshops in London.

We appreciate all the effort that has gone into raising funds for good causes, ours included. This will make a difference to over 30 vulnerable families who are now dealing with the additional stress of having to stay indoors for many weeks without the support of school, friends and family. We are continuing to support the families in different ways now and your help means that we can keep the children in mind during this difficult time.”

Our Time is a small charity that supports young people across London affected by parental mental illness (An estimated 3.7 million young people in the UK according to the Children’s Commissioner’s report, 2018).

The KidsTime Workshops are monthly multi-family workshops for the whole family where a parent/carer has a mental illness.  The workshops offer a fun, protected space where young people can express themselves, interact socially, share experiences and learn about mental illness through discussion, games and drama.

Trained staff explain mental illness and its effects to young people in a way that they can understand and help them to articulate and tackle concerns or challenges. The workshops also provide adults with an informal, intimate space, where they have the opportunity to share experiences and discuss their role as parents rather than patients.


Media contacts

If you would like to know more or are interested in interviewing our team or a young person affected by parental mental illness, please get in touch with the communications team:

  • Dympna Cunnane – CEO Our Time – 07800 976 778
  • Christina Clarke – Communications Lead Our Time – 07939 563 756
  • Email –