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Growing together
illustration of young people talking
For 2022's Children’s Mental Health Week, we put together ideas for the theme, 'Growing Together', helping children to become more emotionally literate.
What causes mental illness?
brain illustration
Info: Did you know mental illness usually happens as a result of a combination of different things, rather than just one single cause?
School Behaviour Secrets podcast
Banner graphic featuring a picture of Helena Kulikowska
Our Time's Development Director Helena Kulikowska discusses children who have a parent with a mental illness on Beacon School Support's podcast 'School Behaviour Secrets'.
Will I inherit my parent’s mental illness?
Illustration of person with tree
Info: Most children and young people worry that they may develop or ‘catch’ the same illness as their ill parent - but you cannot catch a mental illness from anyone.
Mental health awareness activity pack
Connect with nature tree illustration
Activity pack: Activities on the theme ‘connecting with nature’, helping you to be mindful of your mental health and protecting it by looking to nature for ideas.
The Perfect Ice Cream
Still from animation of ice cream man and girl
Video: This animation explores family mental health difficulties in a sensitive way, helping young people to understand it’s not as uncommon as they may think. 
Drama guide from The Lowry theatre
Man showing two children something on a mobile phone
This accessible guide from The Lowry theatre group outlines a six-week scheme of work for teachers and youth workers, exploring basic approaches to drama.
Social media and mental health
A graphic of an ambivalent face on a phone screen
For anyone who may be struggling to cope with managing their online life, Our Time has gathered a collection of simple tips to protect your mental health.