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What causes a mental illness?
young carer at a workshop
Video/Info: Did you know mental illness usually happens as a result of a combination of different things, rather than just one single cause?
Cross-curricular delivery
Cover for cross curricular document featuring an illustration of a teenage Muslim girl
Guide: This resource provides options for including the topic of parental mental illness, particularly from the child’s perspective.
Feeling alone?
Young carer on video
Videos/Info: If you are a young carer who feels alone, this advice and information might help you.
How can I cope with the stress?
young carers at workshop
Videos/Info: Find out ways of managing stress and anxiety as a young carer or child of a parent with a mental illness.
Is mental illness contagious?
Is mental illness contagious still
Video: This film shows a group of young carers and mental health professionals discussing whether mental illness is contagious. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.
Parenting with a mental illness
Girl looking into the distance
Guide: This short booklet for parents provides answers to FAQs, useful links and information about parenting with a mental illness.
Supporting people with mental illness
Helping someone with mental illness slide
Video: In this film, Dr Sadiq explains her role as a psychiatrist, then opens the discussion to a group of young people who give their opinions based on their own experiences. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.
Chemicals in the brain
Chemicals in the brain slide
Video: In this film, Dr Anwar tries to answer a question about what changes physically when someone has a mental illness and how medication helps. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.