Still from Alice and Emily drama

Alice and Emily’s Story

These two short videos follow the story of sisters Alice and Emily. Emily is Alice’s big sister, and she’s been looking after their mum who has a mental illness for years. But Emily has to make a tough decision – one that could impact the whole family.

Remember: If you’re finding life as a young carer difficult, you can get advice on ways to cope on Our Time’s website.

Alice and Emily's Story: Part One

For several years, Emily has been caring for her mum who has a mental illness, but now she wants to go to university. This would leave her sister Alice in charge – will she be able to cope in her new role as a carer?


Alice and Emily in London: Part 2

After Emily goes to London to study, her sister Alice is left with the responsibility of taking care of their mum who has a mental illness. Alice visits Emily in London and reveals how difficult she’s finding her new role as a young carer.

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