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If you’re looking for a great game to play with friends and family, the pen and paper game of picture consequences is fantastic fun. Anyone of any age can play, unleashing their creativity, making something totally original and usually ending in lots of laughs!

Building a body - How to play

An example of how to play consequences with three players.

Here’s how to play in a group:

  1. Take a sheet of paper, A4 size is ideal but other sizes work too. Make sure it isn’t too thin!
  2. Fold the paper across its width (as pictured) to divide it as many times as there are players. In this example we’ll use three players and segments.
  3. The first player needs to sit where no one can see what they are doing (or go into another room) with the paper and pens or pencils.
  4. Their task is to draw a head. It can be as strange as they like and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a human!
  5. When they’re finishing the drawing they should make sure the neck lines extend just over the fold beneath where they’re drawing for the next player.
  6. They should then fold the part of the paper they’ve drawn on so it can’t be seen by the next player.
  7. The next player should  repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6, but instead draw the next part of the body, with the leg lines extending over the fold.
  8. Repeat the process once more for the third player, who draws the legs and feet for the character.

Your character, monster or alien is now complete. All that’s left is to open it out and see what your family has created.

Is it funny? Is it terrifying? Is it beautiful? Either way, it will be a completely unique creation!

More ideas

Feeling adventurous? Consequences can be played in tons of other ways! Here are a few more great ideas:

  • You could have more than three players or more than three turns. Try breaking the body down into smaller parts with more folds and perhaps a bigger sheet of paper.
  • Play several games at the same time.
  • Try setting your family a specific theme for their creation. Maybe it has to be a monster, superhero or based on animals?
  • Try playing consequences as a journey. Have the first fold showing where someone came from, the second showing an object of significance that must be used in the story, the third being someone they meet. You could then pass the finished sheet around, unfolding it each turn and each person telling a piece of a story based on what they see!

Remember, even if you can’t play a game in person, you could always try an online game of consequences.

Contact a friend or friends and each decide which part of the body you’re drawing. Once you’ve all drawn these segments, email or message one person all the drawings to print, stick them together by hand and photograph them or (if you know how) do so on the computer and send it back to the other players!

We’d love to see your creations too. 

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