How mental illness affects family relationships

A group of young people discuss roles within the family when a member has a mental illness.

This film is part of a series of group discussions on parental mental illness. If you want to watch more from this collection, you can find them on the Resources section of our website.

Teachers/facilitators’ notes:

If you are using this film as part of a lesson or workshop, you might find the information below useful to support discussion.

Teaching points

  • This longer film explores roles when a family member has a mental illness and could be useful to use with a young carers’ group, or with a group of professionals, to increase insight.
  • What does this film raise for your group?

Learning points

  • Young carers adopt a more parental role and assume more responsibility in the home than their peers.
  • They can feel responsible for financial difficulties, disorganisation and mess around the home.
  • Young people are not responsible for their parents’ mental illness and must not blame themselves.

Duration of film

8 minutes, 24 seconds

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