Mental illness and stigma: how to deal with it

This film shows a group of young carers discussing how they are treated by friends and peers when they mention their parent’s mental illness.

This film is part of a series of group discussions on parental mental illness. If you want to watch more from this collection, you can find them on the Resources section of our website.

Teachers/facilitators’ notes:

If you are using this film as part of a lesson or workshop, you might find the information below useful to support discussion.

Teaching points

This is a longer film which contains many themes relevant to young carers, including pity, judgement, stigma and how to explain mental illness to friends and family. It may be helpful to watch this film with your group and explore what themes come up for them. The film is particularly good for giving those who are not carers some insight into the world of the carer. Another exercise after this film might be to ask group members to imagine the lived world of the young people speaking frankly in this film. What is behind their words? How might it feel to be them instead of you?

Learning points

  • ‘Stigma’ means negative perceptions or prejudice about something.
  • Young carers do not want pity or judgement.
  • Having a parent with a mental illness can be difficult to talk about with others.

Duration of film

7 minutes, 02 seconds

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