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A quiz or knowledge test with friends and family can be enormous fun. To keep you entertained (and challenged) we’ve prepared a few knowledge testing games you can play with friends and family, either in person or online.

Just remember to keep it fair – make sure that no one uses Google or any other internet resources to help them answer questions. Hands off phones and keyboards when it’s your turn!

Also, make sure you only play this game with trusted close friends online! Remember to stay safe and never share any personal information with strangers or people you don’t know.

Test your friend's knowledge...on you!

How well do your friends (or family) know you? Put them to the test!

Try challenging them with the following questions about yourself and maybe add a few of your own!

  1. How old am I? (Bonus points for getting it down to the month)
  2. How tall am I? (Guess within an inch)
  3. Can you name another country I’ve travelled to? (Or have I never left the one I’m in?)
  4. Do you know what my favourite type of food is? (Perhaps allow three guesses for this one to be fair!)
  5. Can you name any of my phobias? (If you have none, good for you!)
  6. How many siblings do I have? (Bonus points for directly naming them, no points if you’re asking a family member this question!)
  7. What’s my favourite colour? (If you have one)
  8. What’s my favourite TV show? (Or film if you prefer)
  9. What’s my favourite book? (This one could be tricky!)
  10. What’s my favourite band or musician? (Half a point for at least guessing which genre)
  11. Can you name a skill I have? (Don’t be mean about this!)
  12. When and where did we first meet? (They should definitely know this one!)

How many did they get right? Did they score highly on the ‘friend-o-meter’? Now it’s time to reverse roles and find out how much you know about them!

Test your friend's general knowledge too!

As a follow up, or alternative, why not try challenging your friend’s knowledge with the following.

Again, make sure the one answering the questions doesn’t refer to Google or any other resources:

  1. Open a dictionary at a random page (or randomly search an online dictionary) and pick out an obscure word, how accurately can your friend tell you what it means?
  2. Ask your friend what topic they consider themselves to be knowledgeable about then try a few difficult questions. Were they telling the truth?
  3. How many nearby streets in their town can your friend name? Can they name more than you?
  4. How many former British Prime Ministers can they name? Alternatively you could test them on former Kings, Queens or James Bond actors!
  5. How many types of tree can they name?
  6. Can they name the country with the highest population on Earth? For bonus points can they name the lowest?
  7. Ask them what their favourite invention or creation by a human being is, do they know the year it was created?
  8. Ask them to pick either cats or dogs. How many different breeds of the one they choose can they correctly name?

And that’s just for starters! Try creating your own tricky questions to push your friends’ knowledge to the limits.

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