Setting up a young carers’ group at school

School staff are often aware of parental mental illness but feel ill-equipped to address it. This means that they have to deal with the fallout in behavioural problems and academic success. In addition to this, school may also be the only place where these children and their problems can be recognised and helped.

One of the most helpful support systems in school is the establishment of a young carers’ group, which includes these young people. It is important as it enables young people to gain support from and connect with their peers, allowing the experiences of others to inform and help with issues they themselves may be facing. A safe, quiet space to get together creates a sense of belonging and counteracts the ‘feeling alone’ problem.

This step-by-step guide provides schools with details of each stage of setting up a young carers’ group. It also provides advice and guidance on structuring each session and best practice approaches.

Setting up a young carers' group at school

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