Snakes and ladders activities

While snakes and ladders is a simple game, it can be a lot of fun to play with friends or simply designing your own challenge around it.

Why not print or draw from one of Our Time’s Snakes and ladders activity sheets and challenge your family or friends to a game? Or you could make your own board to be especially cunning

Don’t have any dice? Roll a virtual set!

Snakes and ladders - Ready made board

A snakes and ladders game for the whole familyYou can print or copy our ready made snakes and ladders board (to the right) then make it your own by writing inside of the snakes and ladders.

Try writing things that make you feel happy and calm inside of the ladders, along with things that make you feel sad, low or unhappy inside of the snakes. You could also colour it in to make things more exciting!

To play, place markers for each player on the board on the first square marked ‘1’ then take turns moving by rolling two dice to decide how far you go.

Landing on a snake head sends you back to the square on its tail, landing on a ladder sends you up it to the square at the top.

Want to make the game more challenging? Try writing down some new rules for players to follow. You could try the following:

  • Getting the same number (doubles) on each dice allows a player to roll again in one turn.
  • Write special rules inside the snakes and ladders, perhaps asking the player to complete another challenge if they land on them. You could make them stand one leg or answer a tricky question to progress!
  • Draw your own snakes, cut them out and give a few to each player. Let them place one on an empty square each turn as traps for other players!

Snakes and ladders - Alternative board

A snakes and ladders board you can create from scratch!You can print or copy this alternative snakes and ladders sheet (to the right) to create your own board from scratch.

Draw in as many tangled snakes or tall ladders as you like to make an interesting game and ask you family to play it with you.

It doesn’t have to be snakes and ladders either, here are some alternative you might draw:

  • Slides and stairs.
  • Slippery ice and lifts.
  • Fire poles and cranes.
  • Pitfalls and rockets.

Or anything else you can think of! Get creative and surprise your family.


Thinking bigger?

Want to push your creativity and make a unique challenge for you family to enjoy together? You could try the following:

  • Draw up a bigger grid on a large piece of paper or (if you don’t have bigger sheets) tape several smaller ones together for your game. How about a 10 x 10 grid with 100 squares?
  • If you have the space, think even bigger by drawing on a path or patio at your home with chalk to create a snakes and ladders game your family could actually stand in! Just make sure you have your parent’s permission first.
  • Why not share your creations with friends by email or posting them your creation? You may need your parent’s help for this!

We’d love to see the games you create! Perhaps ask a parent or older family member to share pictures of your games to our social media:

Twitter @ourtimecharity or our Instagram @ourtimecharity.

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