What do young people want when a parent is in hospital?

In this film, a group of young people discuss with Dr Anwar and Natasha Sloman, their mixed experiences of visiting parents in hospital and together explore how professionals might improve things for them as carers.

This film is part of a series of group discussions on parental mental illness. If you want to watch more from this collection, you can find them on the Resources section of our website.

Teachers/facilitators’ notes:

If you are using this film as part of a lesson or workshop, you might find the information below useful to support discussion.

Teaching points

  • The film could be used with a group of professionals to address shortcomings in services, focusing on positive changes that could be made. Often quite small interventions make a big difference.
  • It could also be used for a group of children and young people to add insight to those who have not had such experience, or to provoke discussion among young carers asking, ‘what would work for you?’.

Learning points

  • Changes could be made to improve the situation for a young carer when a parent is in hospital.
  • It can be a very difficult transition when a parent is admitted or discharged from hospital.
  • Young carers don’t know what options are available when a parent is in hospital.

Duration of film

7 minutes, 32 seconds

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