Who are the superheroes in your life?

Your everyday superheroes

Superheroes are strong, superheroes are determined, but most of all superheroes are kind.

Whether we have personal struggles or troubling news weighing on our mind, it can be uplifting to remember who the real heroes are in our own lives: friends and family who enjoy the good times with us and help us through the bad.

In recognition of the everyday superheroes we all know, Our Time has created some suitably heroic activities everyone can enjoy from their home. Excelsior!

Transform someone you know into a superhero


Normal Nan to SuperGran! What kind of superhero will you draw?

Is there someone you know who is always ready to help others? Are they already a hero who could perhaps be turned into the “super” variety through your imagination? Let’s make it happen!

Start by asking yourself what kind of superhero they would be.

How could their best qualities be turned into superpowers?

If they are happy to carry things for others, they could have psychic levitation! Good at fixing things? Make them able to repair machines with a touch! The possibilities are endless.

How could their unique style be translated into a costume? 

A striking costume can be a key part of a superhero’s identity, so how would you capture this person’s unique style and take it to super levels?

Consider what their favourite colours are that you could incorporate into their design. Do they have an item of clothing or accessory they’re often seen with? Try turning it into a gadget that contributes to their powers! Their glasses could be goggles that grant special vision or a bangle could become an invisibility bracelet!

Time to get drawing

Here’s the fun part. Get out your pens, paper, crayons or paintbrushes and try illustrating your chosen superhero based on the idea you’ve come up with.

Having a picture of your chosen person for reference may help, you could even draw from them in real life if they’re a family member in your household. However, you may wish to keep it a secret and surprise them with the end result!

You may also be able to draw inspiration from existing superheroes by borrowing a few key features. Would Batman’s utility belt be a good fit? Maybe Superman’s cape would look good on them?

Consider perhaps drawing them in an exciting pose as well, or better yet, busy helping someone. Either way, make sure the results are super!

Feeling ambitious? Create an entire super team based on people you know!

Take your superhero design even further - Make a trading card!

Supergran card

How your superhero card might look

Does your chosen person have the hero factor to make a good trading card? Let’s find out!

You could draw or stick a new picture onto your card, or (if you’re particularly clever) photograph or scan your original drawing, print it, cut it out and apply it to your card!

Here are a few ideas for things you might include on your card:

  • A super team they could be a part of – perhaps your family.
  • A short biography – saying who they are and how they got their powers.
  • Special powers – particularly those that help others.
  • A catchphrase – something they often say.

Before you know it, you’ll have a collectible on your hands, don’t forget to create a snazzy design for the opposite side too!

Surprise your super someone! Pass on the challenge

Show your appreciation to your chosen super someone by showing them what you’ve made! If they don’t live with you could always send them a photo or scan of your design.

You could even try to start a super-trend and challenge them to transform someone they know into a superhero design and do the same again!

We’d also love to see the incredible heroes you create! Younger readers could ask a parent or older family member to share their superhuman designs to our social media: Twitter @ourtimecharity or our Instagram @ourtimecharity.

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