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We know it’s often difficult for schools to identify or know how to support students who live with a parent who has a mental health difficulty or mental illness. So we’ve designed a suite of interactive, creative packages that will enable you to promote a positive school culture around mental health. It’s designed to help all young people build resilience, support each other and know when to ask for help.

We provide staff with easy-to-follow guides, a range of in-person and digital resources, and training – all designed to build confidence and skills, and produced in collaboration with teachers, young people and health professionals. Our goal isn’t for staff to become therapists or counsellors, but to use what they already know, supported by our resources, to create an environment where stigma is reduced, students’ well-being is improved, and those with an unwell parent are able to come forward without feeling singled out.

Who Cares? Anita Frier

“We have become a mental health aware school. It has become embedded in our culture and something we are very proud of.”

– Anita Frier, Executive Principal, Stoke Damerel Community College

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One in three children in every classroom

It’s a common misunderstanding that children who have parents with a mental health difficulty are very rare – but actually, they make up one third of every UK classroom.

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Simple, powerful training that builds knowledge, skills and confidence.

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Simplicity, interaction and empathy are at the heart of our imaginative courses.


Our whole school approach

We think the best way to help students who have a parent with a mental illness is by embedding positive approaches and strategies throughout the school. We provide bespoke support and training, tailored to your schools specific needs, to ensure staff and students feel resilient, confident and supported by each other.

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