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On average, around six children in every UK classroom have a parent with a mental illness or mental health difficulty. Our Time trains school staff to recognise and support these students through a whole school approach and high quality resources, developed in collaboration with teachers, health professionals and young people. We know this issue impacts students’ ability to take full advantage of their education, so we specialise in supporting this group of children by equipping staff with simple but powerful skills and key learning. We give you the confidence and tools to help these students to engage positively with school and all it has to offer.

Our approach

Our child-centred, practical approaches promote discussion and empathy, and don’t single students out. The aim is not for staff to become therapists or counsellors, but to create an environment where all school members support one another, stigma is reduced and those who have an unwell parent are supported positively.

Our training is interactive and respectful of your staff – we recognise that staff know their students best. We offer insights and techniques to support pupils who may have challenging family situations, which are hard to address due to stigma and students’ protective behaviour towards their family. We work through discussion tasks, as well as practical activities, to keep learning stimulating, reflective and enjoyable.

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The need

Children who have a parent with a mental illness are likely to be stressed or anxious sometimes. They’re often withdrawn rather than disruptive because they don’t want to expose themselves or their family to unwanted attention. Identifying these young people isn’t always easy, but our training enables schools to engage with students on their terms, raise awareness of the issue amongst their peers and staff and create a school culture which is open about mental illness as well as mental health.

Our courses

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Free initial awareness-raising training

We offer schools an initial awareness raising session for the senior management team. We’ll introduce the subject of children who have parents or guardians with a mental health difficulty to the team and assess your schools’ needs to understand what you are doing already and how our programme can align with your objectives.

Whole school awareness raising and front-line staff training

Our Time uses a whole-school approach, so we encourage as many members of management and school staff to attend the first training session as possible. The second session is specifically designed for staff who are in direct and regular contact with children and young people, so you may wish to be more selective about who attends this.

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Speaking to children who have a parent with a mental illness

This training is designed specifically for staff who are in regular and direct contact with children and young people in your school. The session focusses on how to best approach and support these students in a sensitive manner, taking into account the complex circumstances they may be dealing with.

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PSHE training

All our PSHE programmes include accompanying training to build staffs’ confidence in recognising and supporting children who have an unwell parent, and embedding mental health awareness in the whole school culture.

Our PSHE programmes

How our courses work

Where is training delivered?

Our Time is based in London but we deliver training to schools and colleges throughout the whole of the UK. We can deliver training in person, through a live video stream, with video tutorials or a combination of all three.

How long is training?

Each of our training sessions vary in length and can be adapted to your needs. They usually range from one to three hours, and can be split across different days and held during the hours that work for you.

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