By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can put an end to the myths and assumptions around parental mental illness. If you want to share your own story and help others find out more about parental mental illness, you can submit your blog or your vlog online through the Our Time website.

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“I wanted to write something that would help children”
The cover image for "The Mystery of The Missing Mum" and a photo of author Frances Moloney
Author Frances Moloney shares her novel for children 'The Mystery of the Missing Mum', which was inspired by her childhood and her mother, who had schizophrenia.
“Wearing many hats…”
Young person on their phone
Dr Emily Brees's 2021 thesis explores the experiences of school staff working with children of parents with mental health difficulties
“What Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood meant to me”
Image of Joe Wicks for Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood
Trustee Sophie Charles reflects on her experience with parental mental illness and her work with Our Time, after the airing of the BBC documentary Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood.
“A place to be a kid again…”
Young woman
Juliet attended KidsTime Workshops when she was just nine years old. Now at university, she reflects on her experience of the workshops and the impact they had.
“You’re never alone”
A family attend a KidsTime Workshop
Derek attends a KidsTime Workshop with his wife, who has a mental illness, and their children. He spoke to us about how it's helped his children to open up and him to find guidance.
“A breath of fresh air”
child being hugged at workshop
Health Development Worker Kate Moss shares her story of the KidsTime Workshop launch in Gloucestershire.
The power of drama in helping express yourself
Teenage girl holding up old fashioned camera
For Children's Mental Health Week, Helena Kulikowska writes about how expression through drama is key to the success of KidsTime workshops.