Skydiving for Our Time and World Mental Health Day

What perfect timing it was to skydive for Our Time: the day before World Mental Health Day 2016. Like my China trek, words cannot fully express what it felt like to complete a skydive. It was simply incredible. From physically shaking whilst signing the declaration before the jump, to landing with the biggest smile on my face, it just goes to show how much and how quickly emotions can change. I can still remember anxiously watching the timer and seeing our altitude climbing knowing that we were only 5000ft up and still had another 5000ft to go before jumping. If I have to be honest, the worst part (before I said that I loved it!) was when the door of the plane opened. The guy attached to me was on the edge of the plane – whilst I was already dangling in the air. Skydiving made me realise what it is like to put your full trust in someone with your life. But, I don’t want to put anyone off by saying all this.

After jumping out and free-falling for a good 30-40 seconds, it felt like I was diving into the clouds. Feeling the clouds and water particles hit your face feels so refreshing, however grey the clouds look from down below. At least the sun was out when the parachute opened. And that’s when it actually hit me that I’m a few minutes away from completing a skydive. Being up there makes you forget about everything and everyone for a moment. It’s a moment truly to yourself. You have no cares in the world in that moment – all I could think about was how long it took for this day to come, and how quickly it was all going to end. The world looks so much nicer from above the ground we walk on. I’m a wimp when it comes to heights, but up there, height wasn’t even an issue. In my opinion, being on a rollercoaster is scarier. I had the patience to wait over a year and a half for an hour of, what I could call, the best hour of my life. It’s given me back the confidence I had lost and I could not have done it without everyone’s encouragement and support.

Our Time will always stay dear to me. Children affected by parental mental illness are still sometimes left in the dark, and it’s through these crazy events that I organise I can help raise awareness of the young people Our Time helps. Completing a skydive has always been something important to me; but to know that I have done it for a good cause makes the whole feeling 100 times better. I hope one day, these young people are given the life and opportunities which they have wished to have for all these years. I hope by completing this skydive I have helped raise further awareness of how we support children with parents with a mental illness. I hope one day, that like myself, everyone can turn around and say, ‘Yes, I said I would and could do it, and now I’ve done it’.

Never let anyone stop you from living your life or doing something you’ve dreamed of doing. Because it’s that mentality and negative attitude that makes the work even harder for charities like Our Time to deal with. Only joking. Our Time will always be there to support you. Now it’s time to plan my next adventure!