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Never sunshine and rainbows
Image of rainbow in the sky
Writing under a pseudonym, teenager Mark tells his personal story about his father's mental illness and the challenges it meant for his family.
Peter’s Story
Photo of headteacher Peter Ward speaking
Vlog: Kirsty from Our Time interviews Peter Ward who shares memories of his father who had a mental illness.
A mum’s perspective
Closeup photo of a parent and child's feet
Our Time has been a major life saver for me and my family. I am a single mum of three young children, 10-year-old Eve, four-year-old Gabby, and Jacob who is one and a half.
The bravest mothers I have ever met
Louise Rodgers
A couple of weeks ago I met some of the bravest mothers I have ever met. They were all giving their time freely, bringing their children along on a sultry summer’s evening to share their experiences of parenting.
The journey of the Smith family
Shadows of a family
The Smith family was referred to a KidsTime Workshop by social care. Susan, the mother, had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and severe depression and had been under the care of mental health teams for many years. Her then twelve-year-old daughter, Alison, was under a 'child in need' plan, and her social worker hoped the group would help Alison feel more confident.
KidsTime Workshop visit
Photo of a family attending a KidsTime workshop.
For me, visiting my first KidsTime Workshop in February 2018, the thing that struck me most was the sheer honesty with which the parents talked about their situation, and their concerns for their children.
World Mental Health Day – Stories of survival
globe held in front of a person's face
I now spend much of my working day thinking about a hidden issue, but one that has enormous implications for society, and particularly children and young people.
KidsTime Workshop in action
Portrait photo of Yolande Bramble Carter smiling
The day was excellent. The sessions are just getting better and better. We are getting to know each other and people are more comfortable and being themselves.