Children at a KidsTime Workshop

“KidsTime gave us the confidence that we are good parents”

Tara, her husband Harrison and daughter Maria were part of one of the KidsTime Workshops last year. Tara has bipolar affective disorder, and has previously been sectioned after a manic episode. Tara told us about the difference KidsTime has made to her family.

“KidsTime has helped us to understand each other. Now, we are more tolerant and accepting of each other – we are human beings and we are allowed our emotions. We need a whole rainbow of emotions, and to learn how to communicate them to the people around us.

For my daughter Maria, she now sees that mental health issues are normal things in life and other families are also going through difficult moments. It was a relief to have your help and to explain to Maria what’s going on. I am not the only mother going through this, and she knows I’m not doing it on purpose.

My husband now understands my issues more, and is able to step in my shoes – he knows that I have difficult days and it is not personal. He‘s more empathetic and supportive.

For me, I have learnt to be more open and to share more about how I am feeling with my family. Also, not to feel guilty about having difficult days or moments.

KidsTime gave us the confidence that we are good parents.

I would definitely recommend KidsTime to other families – it’s very special family time, each family learns their own lessons and we also stay together and share our experiences. But it’s also friendly, fun and welcoming – there’s playfulness and jokes which bring a kind of lightness to talk about a serious issue. It gives a lot of benefits, but it’s most beneficial for the children. It is so important that children have this support – no one else is looking after kids, except the social worker a little in the beginning.”

*Names have been changed. This case study has been written with the express consent of the family.