My lockdown experience

Meet seven-year-old Kayla, who is one of our workshop attendees. She has written about her experience of the lockdown and how it has affected her.


The lockdown has been going on for such a long time that I don’t remember when it first started. The lockdown did not start when my school got shut down, it started way before in my head. All I heard of every day and all day was ‘the lockdown’.

It was on the news, people were talking about it at the bus stop, it was even in the newspapers. And every time I heard about it I got scared. I got so scared because I did not understand what was going on and because of that I couldn’t sleep at night. So my mummy stopped watching the news and stopped buying the newspaper, and she and my dad stopped talking about it in front of me.

Then one Friday, Mummy came to pick me up from school and said that the lockdown had started. That there was not going to be school for a while. But I liked school, I liked meeting my friends. I felt sick in my stomach and my head hurt. I was worried that school was going to close down forever if there were no children. I was also worried about my teacher. If there were no children then she would be sad. I thought the lockdown meant that the police were going to come put a lock on our door and we would not be able to go out.

I feel so lonely because I have no friends to come and play with me. I feel sad because I cannot go to church and I like going to church because after mass I get to play with my friends in the church hall.

I miss my Beavers and Brownie clubs too. I miss Brownies because we get to play IT and that made me feel happy and joyful. I miss Beavers as well as we get to do lots of activities like games, cooking, horse riding and bike riding with two teachers who ride with us in Churchill Garden.

To be in the lockdown, it feels like I’m in a place like a prison. I saw prison on the TV, a cage with no one there, only a policeman talking on the phone.

I am afraid when my daddy goes to work because he is a key worker. I think he is going to die. I don’t like Mummy going out food shopping when we don’t have food. I think she won’t come back. I follow mummy everywhere.

I am getting used to the lockdown now because I get to spend lots of time with my mummy and when my daddy comes home from work. Mummy and I do baking, we do drawing, we do dancing and trampolining in the garden. We get to make popcorn and we get a blanket and cover ourselves in it and we watch ‘Four Kids and It’. I like that.

Because of the lockdown, I learnt how to ride my bike, how to skip rope, I am nearly learning all my times tables. I know my 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

The lockdown made people less busy and I like doing things with my mummy and daddy. My mummy said when a bad thing happens, turn it into a good thing and that is what the lockdown is.

Names changes for privacy.