Our Time’s response to the Children’s Commissioner’s report (April 2019)

We welcome the Children’s Commissioner’s report (April 2019) on the current state of funding for early access to mental health support.  The report shows that most of the extra money for mental health care goes to specialist services where the thresholds are very high, in other words, you have to get very ill to get support.

She points out the Government is committed to rolling out a school-based system to a quarter of areas by 2023 with no plan to fund support in all schools. The same applies to all kinds of low-level prevention. The NHS England guidelines urge all local NHS mental health plans to provide integrated, low-level support for low-level needs.

Our Time offers such low level, cost-effective preventative support to help families who live with parental mental illness to cope with their situation and enable the children to develop resilience. We have been working with affected families for 20 years and in that time we have supported hundreds of families and children but we have had to do this mostly through grants and donations.

We are campaigning for recognition for this group of vulnerable children and have launched a petition to get them included in mental health policy so that every child who has to cope with this situation will get the help they need to grow into healthy, productive and happy adults. It is obvious that the investment will pay dividends across generations, but we must act now to stem the tide of mental illness.

It’s no good funding illness, we must fund health.

To view the report click here.