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The importance of talking
two young women talking in a cafe at a table
Talking is a vital part of life but when it comes to mental illness, it can be a hard thing to do for both parents and children alike. We look at how small steps can make a big difference.
Healthy: Inside and Out
woman holding a coffee cup with back to camera
For Children's Mental Health Week this year, the theme is "Healthy: Inside and Out". Dr Alan Cooklin explores what that means for children whose parent has a mental illness.
Can we afford to delay mental health support in schools?
Teenager in a classroom looking worried
Pupils may not have access to mental health services for a decade. What will happen to the generation who are affected now? Our Time looks at the impact on young people affected by parental mental illness.
Stay mentally well during the festive season
Christmas candy canes held in a heart shape
The holiday season can be an exciting and relaxing time for some, but it can also be a stressful and draining for many. If you struggle to get through the holiday season, you’re not alone.
Seasonal advice for parents
Parents and child next to a Christmas Tree
The Christmas holiday is a time for families to spend time together but for some families it can also be a difficult time. Dr Alan Cooklin offers advice to help you get through the holiday and enjoy being together.
Response to the Children’s Commissioner Report
Dympna Cunnane, CEO Our Time
Our CEO responds to the Children's Commissioner's report on children living in households with mental health issues, parental substance misuse and domestic abuse.
Being Seen and Heard in School
Jess Streeting
In the last 20 years, I can think of many times when my understanding of what children say they need has been invaluable. Before I discovered Our Time, it was a different story.
Falling through the ‘young carer’ cracks
I read with interest this week, a moving story of a girl who has a mother with schizoaffective disorder and spina bifida. She spent much of her time growing up hiding the fact she was caring for her mother.
The impact of childhood trauma and how it can be addressed
Empty swing
If you work with children and young people you will have heard a lot about the impact of childhood trauma, and will probably know about trauma-informed approaches to supporting vulnerable children.
Why is it so difficult to address parental mental illness?
Dympna Cunnane
Our upcoming campaign, ‘Being Seen and Heard’ came out of a cry for help from the children of parents with a mental illness. They told us that they were overlooked, talked over and ignored, despite the fact that they lived in the situation and knew most about their parent’s illness.
The bravest mothers I have ever met
Louise Rodgers
A couple of weeks ago I met some of the bravest mothers I have ever met. They were all giving their time freely, bringing their children along on a sultry summer’s evening to share their experiences of parenting.